An on-going exhibit of Roland Richardson's work is featured in their beautifully restored gallery landmark in Marigot at #6 rue de la Republique. Here you will find nature abound with the colors of the Caribbean. This two-level home and garden dates back to the Richardson's early European settlement dating back to the 1700's and is a perfect home for exhibition of St. Martin's recognized Impressionist.

While visiting the French capitol, Marigot,  a beautiful experience awaits you at  Roland Richardson Gallery.

Ten  years after beginning their restoration of #6 rue de la Republique, Roland and Laura Richardson happily invite each visitor to a tour of the family's historic home & concealed courtyard garden, which date back to the island's  earliest European settlement before the French Revolution of 1789.



The existing house was actually built in the 1840's.  It was used by Roland's great grandfather who was Mayor of French St. Martin, Ferdinand Morales,  as the official Mairie (Townhall) and functioned as the island's only center for regional communication in the early 1900's.  When there was no electric, telephone or cars, every day news was read to the townspeople from the veranda.

Every day, less Sunday, the Roland Richardson Gallery proudly opens its bright red shutters off a rich double darkwood balcony to communicate the beauty of  his native St. Martin through the eyes of the artist. Richardson's luminescent Impressionist paintings and detailed drawings of  the Caribbean have found a perfect home for exhibition. This two-level historic landmark takes the visitor on a journey back in time, touched with the true grace of this island paradise .

Her knight in shining armor
rode centuries ago.
Now golden chalice fill their cups
with morning's early glow

Hooves echo in her garden,
rings line the stone-laid walls,
built by an ancient garrison
to secure their tropic stalls.

The King's last fort, his island gem,
links Louis with his past,
while lineage was woven through
their multi-layered caste.

Madame cleans fresh fish for lunch,
sauce simmers on the fire.
Her gentlemen will gather
for her gift, then soon retire.

These stories told remind us
Of souls who passed before,
While many quiet twilights
shadows dance beneath closed doorsĄ­

Painting by Roland Richardson Poem & Photos by Laura Richardson

The courtyard garden dates back to the late 1700's when Roland's ancestor, knighted Sieur de Durat, was commissioned by King Louis XVI to build Fort Louis on French St. Martin to protect the Marigot Harbor.  The original ancient garrison, hand-laid in stone, still stands at the back of the courtyard.  The ill-fated King was beheaded at the start of the French Revolution in 1789 and Roland's ancestors were destined never to return to their homeland in France.  Roland was born at the house on May 18, 1944.  Roland's father, Louis Richardson, now in his 80's, has enjoyed his lunch in the courtyard with his wife Cynthie, and brother, Vere, for over fifty years.




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